Report from the Happy Valley

April 30, 2013 – Report from the Happy Valley — It’s an unusually warm week in the Valley.  The Mockingbirds (Northern Mockingbird –Mimus polyglottos) decided to come back after perhaps two years of absence.  I do miss the morning entertainment from their varying songs and am mightily glad for their return.  Moreover,  judging from relentless singing and swooping around, serious courtship must be going on.

The foxes are also back — though I haven’t seen them, neighbors report seeing them boldly chasing squirrels and even made eye-contact as if saying — “Yeah, that’s right.  I’m the new boss” — which means that I will have music blasting from underneath my deck 24/7 again (it’s the way to chase them out).

And with the arrival of the foxes — the deer are gone.  No more sighting of young ‘Bambi’ frolicking around at dawn — at least for a while.

(note: This is an old photo from mid April 2010 — note my plum tree blossoms in the foreground)