Spring Flora – Repost from 4/29/2010

One exciting thing about living in temperate climate is season change – and Spring is by far the most marvelous experience. The outdoor abounds with activities, and awaiting adventures. All nooks and crannies are teeming with life, and with every new day, I find myself anxious to get out the door to see what goodies are in store for me. Nature seems to time everything perfectly. Flowers take turn blooming, insects procreate in time for birdies to hatch… and the circle of life goes on and on… I feel like Alice in Wonderland. Here are snapshots from my little adventure last Saturday.

Showy Evening Primrose

Oenothera speciosa



Indian Hawthorn

Raphiolepis indica
Yellow Weed
Eggleaf spurge

Euphorbia oblongata



Geranium Rozanne