Macarons 102 – Getting There

In the last blog, I was so happy that my macarons were starting to resemble macarons and not just some weird-shaped almond cookies. Yay! And even though my oven is not behaving that cooperatively on most days (On some cold winter days, it could take up to an hour to get the pilot lit properly — arghhh), I found ways around it (here).

So shielding the macarons with another empty pan put on rack above works well, so here are some shots from the second batch.
These macaron shells have no extra flavors just different colors.  I filled them with store-bought dolce de leche that proves to be wayyyy toooo sweet.  I also made some lemon curd filling from the leftover egg yolk — that turned out to be waaayyyy too runny


The foot was high, but the shells were somewhat hollow.  I did try to bake them on the lower shelves — That was disastrous.


The dolce de leche filling that was too thick and too sweet

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