Starstruck in Hollywood

Hollywood is arguably one the most visited spots in Los Angeles (LA). This is where you see more people looking down than up trying to spot the stars of their favorite actors and actresses on the sidewalk along the “Walk-of-Fame” while mingling with superheroes and celebrities lookalikes. The nearby Beverly Hills is world-renowned for its rich and famous residents whose zip code is 90210. Hollywood, nicknamed “Tinseltown”, became the symbolized image of LA in the 20th century, beginning in 1908. Independent producers were attracted by the sunny climate and its easy access to various types of locations – be it ocean, dessert, to alpine forest. Moreover, the proximity of the Mexican border enabled film makers to rush their equipment to safety if they were challenged by collection agents for patent holders like Thomas Edison. The first feature film made in Hollywood, in 1914, was called “The Squaw Man”, directed by Cecil B. DeMille. These are the first few of my impressions of this overly famous town where most spots have been photographed to death. It’s hard to be original, but I hope you enjoy them anyway.

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